• Safe Banking – This functionality features a secured browser mode,
    offering automatic protection when banking online and accessing
    web-based crypto wallets. Communication between the keyboard
    and browser is also encrypted, ensuring safer transactions and
    protection from keyloggers.
  • Safe Browsing – Safeguard your online activities with a secured
    browser mode. This functionality offers an additional layer of
    browsing protection, defending against malware, keylogging and
    other types of digital threats. It is automatically activated for all
    compatible browsers.
  • Browser Privacy & Security – A browser extension for elevated
    security and privacy. Easily distinguish between safe and unsafe
    search results. Stay protected from phishing websites and other
    threats. Clear your browser data on demand or automatically,
    reducing digital clutter and optimizing browser efficiency.
  • Webcam Protection – This functionality monitors your computer for
    attempts to use your webcam. It alerts you to unexpected attempts
    and allows you to block them—a simple way to boost your privacy.
  • Network Inspector – Test your home router for vulnerabilities,
    such as weak passwords or out-of-date firmware. This functionality
    provides an easy-to-access list of connected devices and allows you
    to scan smart devices for vulnerabilities. Users also receive
    suggestions for how to resolve security issues.
  • Modern Endpoint Security – Enjoy protection from online and
    offline threats and block the spread of malware to other users. This
    endpoint security prevents, detects and resolves security incidents.
  • This and much more—includes additional features for a secure digital life.
    Seamlessly manage and maximize ESET HOME Security Essential with
    ESET HOME—the complete security management platform.
    Once installed, always protected.